Network acceleration solutions to optimize bandwidth and lower latency

Synergistic Ecosystem

End-to-End Network Acceleration

There’s no shortage of network management software, QoS solutions or private networks out there, but GT Booster is the only one that links it all up to create a comprehensive device-to-router-to-server network acceleration ecosystem to give you the fastest connection possible.
  • Device Solution

    AIFlow | Accelerator App

    Enjoy supersmooth internet with an accelerator and analyzer software that puts total control of your device-side connection at your fingertips. Easily adjust app priorities, monitor network status, troubleshoot and more, all via a simple, intuitive interface.
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  • Router Solution

    ARK Engine | AI QoS

    Engineered to revolutionize router traffic management, our patented AI algorithm features encryption-agnostic packet classification, dynamic traffic prioritization and built-in bandwidth detection technologies to maximize throughput and minimize lag.
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  • Server Solution

    GT Net | Private Network

    GT Net is not your ordinary private network that focuses on encryption or bypassing geo restrictions. It boils down to one purpose – speed. With way more, way faster and way more reliable servers, take the shortcut path with the least hops and lowest latency.
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