Internet acceleration and analyzer software with network bandwidth monitoring and management

Accelerator & Analyzer App


Powered by a proprietary traffic shaping technology, AIFlow puts total control of all device-side network traffic at your fingertips. Let AI turbocharge the connectivity of critical apps, or manually reassign app priorities via an intuitive interface. And coupled with deep-visibility network monitoring and ample tuning options, effortlessly shape traffic as you command.

*Supports Windows 10 and 11

Foreground Acceleration & Traffic Shaping

Prioritized Apps, Minimized Lag

Enjoy super smooth internet no matter what you’re doing with our patented Foreground Acceleration Technology that automatically assigns the highest priority to the active window. Running in the background is our powerful traffic shaping algorithm, processing all packets, all flows, all the time to optimize your connection for maximum critical throughput and minimal lag.
  • AI Powered
  • Reduce Lag
  • More Powerful

Network Monitoring

Details to Empower Informed Actions

From identifying apps that are hogging all the bandwidth, checking overall network usage patterns to diving deep into data flow to see where traffic is going, all key pieces of network information are compiled into easy-to-read charts that empower you to easily parse the data and take swift action.

Wi-Fi Quick Assist

Cleanest Channel to Oust Spotty Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Quick Assist provides full visibility of wireless channels shared by networks around you and their relative signal strengths. Pick the channel with the least signal interference to significantly boost your Wi-Fi reliability.

Network Doctor

Easy Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Troubleshoot faster and smarter with Network Doctor, our one-click diagnostic tool that systematically examines an extensive checklist of network statuses to offer simple and actionable advice.

Personalized Settings

Granular Controls for All-Level Users

Whether it’s simplified functions or niche features like Hyper Routing that enables the routing of traffic to different connections, AIFlow is packed with comprehensive configuration options to make customization accessible for networking novices and seasoned veterans alike.

Functional Dashboard

The most commonly used functions are available on the dashboard for quick and easy access.

Preset Profiles

Select from preset profiles that best fit your usage scenario, or let AI (Adaptive Intelligence profile) evaluate for you.

Priority Setting

Don’t like the priority settings for an app? Easily change the level of importance with a click.

Hyper Routing

Route traffic to a specific network connection for each individual app when multiple connections are available.

App-Specific Control

Change the app grouping, block traffic or use the bandwidth limiter to manually set download and upload speeds.

User-Centric Design

Intuitive UI/UX Built Around Ease of Use

Meticulously removing barriers and complexities before you even become aware of their existence, we make sure you don’t encounter the devil in the details.
  • No Need to Run Speed Tests

    Our bandwidth control is dynamic and setup-free

  • Universal NIC Compatibility

    AIFlow supports all network adapters

  • At-A-Glance Dashboard

    Monitor critical network and hardware stats with ease

  • Handy Preset Profiles

    Choose from preset profiles that best suits your use case